Welcome to the English version of the website of "Communication Systems". We offer radios of different ranges (LMR, PMR, LPD, etc.), as well as antennas and accessories.

Please contact us if you are in Krasnoyarsk now and you need some communications equipment.

Sorry, only a little part of resources on this website is already available in English. We'd recommend to use automatic translation, which exists in many browsers, when viewing the pages in Russian.

You can find us on the map using the service http://maps.google.com
Just enter our address in the search box:
2, Vesny street, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

When traveling by taxi, you can show the driver our address and location map in Russian.

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Our phone numbers:

Land line: (+7 391) 249-10-40, 242-40-90; fax:(+7 391)255-70-57

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